Privacy Policy

Who we are
Data controller under this Agreement will be MiddayHeat Ltd at the address set out in the Agreement You may find under legal notice in the homepage of our website (“Site”).
We are the owner of any and all rights pertaining the Site.
Our address is 1st Floor, Victory House, 99-101 Regent Street, London, W1B 4EZ, United Kingdom,

What information do we collect
We will comply with the UK data protection laws and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, Reg. EU nr. 679/2016) and all applicable data protection laws when processing your personal information (eg names, addresses, user names, etc.).
We will collect personal information for a number of purposes e.g. when a user registers, purchases or uses our services, completes a contact form, signs up to a newsletter, etc.

Your rights in relation to personal data
You have the following rights regarding how We use your data.
You have the right to know if We hold data about You, its source and how We use it.
You have the right to complain through the Site if You believe that We have handled your data inappropriately or We have not exercised any of your rights.
If You believe that a data We hold about You is inaccurate or incomplete, You have the right to request that We correct it without undue delay: We may need to investigate further to confirm that this is the case.
You have the right to have your data erased where there is no need to us to carry on holding it.
You have the right not to be subject to decisions which have a legal or significant effect based solely on automated processing.
This includes:

You have the right to object to us processing your personal data in any of the following circumstances:

The following rights do not apply where processing is based on a legal obligation:

We will consider any request You make to us to exercise these rights within the timescales required by data protection law.

How long We keep information about You
How long We keep your information will depend on why we collected it and our ongoing need to keep it for those purposes.
We will also adhere to any legal or regulatory requirements for keeping or deleting the data.
If We cannot specify how long We will need the data for, there will be a process in place to review this need at regular intervals.

Who We may share personal information with
Where it is lawful to do so, We may share your personal information with:

Information We hold about You
You can ask for information that We hold about You, by making an access request through the Site at the address set out above.
You will need to provide us with information to help prove your identity and find the information you are asking for so that We can process your request.
We will respond to a request within one (1) month of receiving it, unless it is a complex request. In these cases We will write to explain why there is a delay and How you long it is expected the request to process.

We review our privacy policy at least annually.
By doing this We will make sure You are always aware of what information We collect, how We use it and under what circumstances (if any) We will share it with other parties.