About Nothinlike

This as been discouraging some time, but also very motivating to shape and refine our idea and consolidating some of our core principles. 

Everything out there seemed to be to complicate and convoluted, with badges points, jury, and always the same themes, with out talking about the prizes ... We wanted something more straight forward, made by the people for the people, where ideas and photography are the only protagonists. 

A place open to everybody got a camera in his pockets, could test his own skills competing with other fellows An environment where socially skilled people can unleash their creativity challenging their followers community and promoting positive competition values with their contest, where the judges are the photographers theirselves. 

An environment that reward the best contest ideas and the best pictures. We wanted to create something so simple, non intrusive and straight forward, that can be creativly used and interpreted by our users ...as they please. ...and we did it !! ...finally